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Alliance of Professionals
Food industry

Welcome to the Alliance!

Alliance of Food Industry Professionals (APFI) – an association of professional operators and HoReCa market participants.
The mission and purpose of the Alliance is the concentration of intellectual, technical and organizational resources as well as marketing and informational opportunities to promote the interests of project members.
Activities of the Alliance include the provision of comprehensive information and services of HoReCa market and holding professional events - workshops, seminars and round tables, as well as education online broadcasts.
The social orientation of the project – the creation of a reputable professional community food and hospitality industry, expanding the range of business communications and the improving of conditions for business development of companies participating in the Alliance, synthesis of years of experience of the operators in the market segment HoReCa, including foreign ones.
Specially equipped area for Alliance workshops with modern professional equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers, placing product presentations of companies and brands operating in the segment HoReCa, learning how to use the professional kitchen equipment, sharing experiences of the culinary arts and professional recording of TV broadcasts, photos and videos.
You can refer to the Alliance and to rent the necessary area and equipment for a specified period to carry out your activities.
In our future plans - the creation of a specialized project of the Alliance, the Internet portal Super-Chefs.ru - which will focus on the personality of an expert in professional catering equipment, food, beverages and technology.
Follow the news and development of industry professionals Alliance (APFI).
APFI – development strategy in a professional alliance!
Alliance of food industry professionals is the union of HoReCa market operators which don’t compete with each other. In order to become a member of Alliance, a company must be a reliable partner offering excellent quality of products and service.
The main advantages of partnership are consolidating resources, exchanging client base and experience, helping attract customers, large advertising opportunities and a suniform discount system based on mutual agreements.

Activities of the Alliance:

  • Organization of work favouring of all APFI members;
  • Strengthening the positive image of participating companies;
  • Comprehensive offering of products and services of the Alliance;
  • Extensive advertising support of the Alliance and its members;
  • United promotional activities;
  • Organization, conducting and online broadcasting of master classes;
  • United uniform discount system of the Alliance;
  • Generalization of experience of HoReCa market operators, including foreign ones;
  • Creating and maintaining a single database;
  • United regional program APFI.
Food industry in Russia is rapidly growing and evolving, and we understand the importance of combining efforts for further development and the development of common standards and business rules.

Partners APFI:

  • General thematic partner – the National Academy of Hospitality.
  • General technical partner – «Commercial Design».
  • General Partner - Bartenders Association of Russia.
  • General information partner - ZAO «CREATIKA».
  • Special event partners - known TM and popular domestic and foreign brands - manufacturers of professional food and drink equipment.
Media Partners - Internet projects and publishing houses, exhibitions and conferences;
Official partners of the Alliance - companies interested in promoting their products on the HoReCa market, currently being negotiated with known and respected actors.

APFI Participants

Alliance members are leading manufacturers of goods and services for the food industry in the HoReCa segment, interested in effective management, socially oriented approach and civilized development of the catering market and promoting their brands.
The number of companies, members of the Alliance, is limited only by the direction of their competitive activities. Priority is granted to the company that made the decision to participate in APFI first.
We believe that partnership will be useful and beneficial!
We invite the specific media and organizations to participate in the Alliance of food industry professionals!

Alliance members

Tasty-team Торговая компания Ю.Эс.Т.П. Австралийский Торговый Дом Евромэйк Ромбус
Meat & Livestock Australia, MLA (Мясная и Животноводческая Корпорация Австралии) Пуратос Farm Frites Santa Maria АкадемПарк
Аллигатор ЛеСомельe enomatic Профессионал Сервис ТМ APFI APFI

Organizers APFI

Ассоциация Кулинаров России (АКР) Национальная Академия Гостеприимства Компания «Торговый Дизайн» Барменская Ассоциация России Рекламное агентство «КРЕАТИКА»
Журнал HoReCa Magazine Полезно, на пару — пароконвектомат точка ру!
Creation, support and promotion